Fitness & Bodybuilding
Since nineteenhundredandeighty. Almost 50 years.

For everybody!
We don't care on height, weight, color, etc. Pink skin? So what...?
This is only one race of Homo Sapiens on this world since at least 75,000 years. Every human being shares 99.99% of the genetic code. The tiny remaining .01% is responsible for shape, color of eyes, hair, skin, height and individual weight and more.
The genetic code does never affect religion and such. This belongs only to your education.

Around the world!
From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Pick a place on the globe.
Go there. Workout.
Voilá. Köszönöm.
Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Denver, Edmonton, Fuxin, Glendale, Harare, Ipoh, Jackson, Kinshasa, Lima, Madrid, Nairobi, Ottawa, Paris, Qionghai, Rome, Stockholm, Tehran, Uppsala, Venice, Wiesbaden, Xinyang, Yokohama, Zurich, ...

Around the clock!
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Zero excuses. 3a.m.? No problem.
Make your body strong even if it's Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, ...

32 dollars a month. Or less. In your home gym. Any given time. 24/7!
This is just about a buck and a nickel a day. Or a pound sterling. Or a euro. Or a swiss franc.
FERRUM gives you the basic equipment plus... some important machines 1440 minutes every single day. You enroll in the gym and (re)start your new life along with chrystal clear advices to gain muscle and lose fat. There are tons of plates waiting to be loaded on the barbells and racks. It is no problem to perform Leg Press with 1000 or even 2000 pounds. The sky is the limit. You'll be on cloud nine while working out. The hardware is made for world champions of the next century but never forgets the ancient 1896 olympic roots. Olympic Power Rooms are equipped with metric equipment which is used elesewhere outside USA and Liberia. Don't mix them! 10 kilograms are NOT 20 pounds!! FERRUM does not necessarily provide amenities (sauna, waterbed, ...) but it does provide profound Arnold compatible workout service. Every muscle can de addressed with free weights. Water (also carbonated) is always free of charge. A selection of mineral drinks plus coffee and tea is available for a small daily amount.
ARGENTUM is more expensive because... it provides more equipment and more service. ARGENTUM comes with sauna, steam room, and waterbed massage. ARGENTUM offers a circuit training for combined endurance and strength. A variety of live classes invites you to join on site in a group. Classes with real coaches are offered mainly during prime time. Staffed hours are 8a-11p Mo-Fr and 10a-6p Sa+Su. One personal training in hundred days is included for free.
AURUM is even more expensive because... it provides any kind of equipment and super supreme service. AURUM comes with different kinds of sauna, multiple steam rooms, waterbeds, massage chairs. AURUM offers two kinds of endurance and strength circuit training sites. Classes with real coaches are offered between 8a and 11p during the week and 10a to 6p on weekends. Staffed hours are at least 6am till midnight every day. One personal training every fifty days plus one mini group training every month is included for free. You even get your personal gym electronic mailbox for free along with a real letter mailbox for a little fee. AURUM offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and swimming, diving, biking plus many indoor activities like dancing, boxing, and mental training as well.
Gym fees are normally not above 128.- per month.
Save by limiting access hours or upgrade by expanding accessing locations!
You can limit hours to:
You can expand access to more than one location by:

The minimum total access time in the gym is 35 hours weekly; the maximum is 168 hours per week.
The maximum total location access is every gym everywhere. The minimum is one gym (your home gym)

Virtually limitless information from around the world.
The experience of millions of people is waiting for you and me. Sharing workout... experience in the community helps to become better, leaner, stronger over time. The equivalence of miles of books is stored online. Use your iPad or Android pad to dive into it. Enjoy live sessions online. With a coach at the same time and get advantages by receiving corrections just in time by using your camera. Or watch a bazillion of You Tube videos in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Kisuaheli and even Klingon.

Control your weight!
Not necessarily today. But for sure tomorrow. And the day after.
Your weight shouldn't be just two digits (unless you are very short). The maximum weight the scales can show before they overload is 444 lbs. Some gyms have scales up to 999 lbs but this is rare.

Six foot, seven foot, eight foot, whoa!
Nobody cares about your 345.6 lb footprint. Tall people have more power.
The range for free weight training is 4'...8'; for machine training it's 5'...7'.
System codes are HM-45; HM-56; HM-67; HM-78; HM-46; HM-57; HM-68; HM-47; HM-58; HM-48.
The digits stand for height in feet. HM-57 suits people very well between little under 5' and little over 7' and so on.
Olympic Powerlifting (Snatch, Clean-and-jerk) follows HM-39.
You may see four digit HM codes. They give exact suitable height in inches where the maximum range is 3999 (from 39" to 99").

Non-alcoholic. Contains Iron. Zero nicotine.
Alcohol is for desinfection only. Nobody drives you to desinfect your esophagus.
Our world is made of HEAVY METAL. We convert iron into power.
Smoking is never okay in the gym. Indoors and outdoors. May be allowed above +1400°F / 760°C

Sauna can help to relax.
ARGENTUM and AURUM gyms only: The regular finnish sauna provides temperatures around 200°F / 90°C. Humidity is below 20% rH.
There are steam rooms as well often with different flavors. Steam rooms provide temperatures of up to 120°F / 50°C along with a humidity of 100% rH. It is highly recommended that you secure hearing aids in a dry and cool place in order not to destroy them in excess heat and/or humidity. The same applies for other delicate electronic equipment unless specified for extreme environment.

Please obey the sauna rules. Have a shower before you start. Use a long towel to lay on.

Solarium (tanning) only naturally with our sun.
There are no more tanning beds in the gym after 2011.

All the pictures here are taken from Wikipedia or are free for commercial and private use / public domain or are self made.